Pupil premium funding 2015/16

Our strategy for Pupil Premium Funding Strategy is here.


Funding Financial Year - 2014/15: £20,425

Expenditure Financial Year -2015/16: £22,051


Outcomes for pupils 2015/16:


The following provision was made for the financial year 2015/16 –

  • 28 hours (5 days) additional teaching assistant time allocated across the school to ensure continuation of high staffing ratios and ability to provide additional support for pupils eligible for pupil premium funding.
  • This enables teaching staff to plan and provide individual or small group support where required to meet pupils needs and ensure achievements towards meeting their statement objectives covering learning, communication, physical, emotional, behavioural and medical/health needs.
  • Examples include - 1 to 1 communication aid assessments and teaching how to use these led by the Speech and Language Therapist with support from a TA, an individualised programme of physical activity to start the day for one pupil with autism; provision of sensory processing specialist programme; support for intensive interaction communication activities in class; access to the Multi-sensory Interactive Learning Environment with 1 to 1 support to aid skills learning at early developmental stages.
  • Teacher led weekly targeted support over two terms for one pupil in a small group of identified pupils who required additional support to develop confidence in their own communication skills.
  • Use of approximately 25% of the funding to support pupil’s access to residential activities, inclusive learning opportunities with or based in mainstream schools and colleges, and out-of-school hours activities.
  • Examples include - attendance at holiday activities; overnight residential visits (camping, YMCA Lakeside visit, Calvert Trust visit, World War One Battlefields visit to Belgium, a city centre visit for older pupils); attendance at weekly term-time after school activities and clubs (cycling, table tennis, yoga, canoeing, cookery, gardening).
  • Provision of Outdoor and Adventurous Activities and Forest Schools Activities during the school day and after school.

Future priorities and use for 2016/17:

These include

  • Continued enhancements to staffing ratios across the school to provide access to specific programmes of study and 1 to 1 support.
  • Continued support to access inclusive learning opportunities, residential visits and out-of-school hours activities.
  • Continued enrichment of the school provision through such as OAA and Forest Schools.
  • Further development of lunch-time clubs and activities.
  • CPD for staff focused on activities to further support outdoor learning, engagement with parents, and leadership at all levels in the school.



Primary PE and sports funding

Funding received 2015 - 2016:  £5,654.00 (including carry forward from previous year and November 2016 allocation of £3,500)

Funding allocated to school April 2016: £2,500.00

Expenditure 2015 - 2016: £6,419.00

This has provided support to

  • Continued swimming provision for the year to enable all primary pupils for whom this is relevant to swim each week.
  • Enhanced provision of swimming tuition for primary aged pupils to enhance their skill development and safety in water.
  • Purchase of Cyber Coach Smart (software to enhance access to PE for all and further develop our ‘Ready to Learn’ activities).
  • Annual subscription to the Youth Sports Trust
  • Replacement of general PE equipment and purchase of new supplies – balls, targets, bats, gymnastic mat, etc.
  • Purchase of trampette, safety mattresses and storage facility to develop the gymnastics curriculum and provide sensory breaks for pupils with a diagnosis of autism.


Planned expenditure priorities April to November 2016:

  • A small amount of the grant has been used to purchase such as a specialist chute for curling and bowling to provide improved access to these activities for pupils with physical disabilities.
  • Remaining allocation will be used to
  • Renew some outdoor equipment, thereby ensuring we continue to be able to offer such as an overnight camp for KS2 aged pupils.
  • Provide access to CPD for staff.
  • Provide access for KS2 pupils to relevant after school clubs and activities – e.g. cycling, table tennis.


Outcomes for pupils during the academic year 2015/16:

Pupils access to enhanced sports and PE provision has enabled all to further improve their physical development, awareness of their bodies, awareness of a healthy lifestyles and their knowledge of sports and other physical activities.

  • In addition to the traditional formal PE curriculum they now have access to
  • A weekly lunch time and after school table tennis club
  • A weekly cycling club after school.
  • Blocks of weekly access to learning in the outdoors through forest schools and walking trips.
  • Yoga in the curriculum and an after school activity for parents/carers and their child.
  • Enhanced physical activity provision which is supporting those with specific sensory processing difficulties.
  • Enhanced equipment to improve access to the curriculum for pupils with physical disabilities.


Year 7 Literacy and Catch Up Funding 2014/15


Funding allocated March 2016: £1,000

Planned expenditure March to July 2016: £1,000

  • Outcomes for pupils: As this grant was only notified and allocated at the beginning of March 2016 this money will be used during the summer term to provide CPD for identified Teaching Assistants to use Intensive Interaction (a communication strategy relevant to the two Y7 pupils).


Accreditation currently studied by our older students 2016/17

Pupils in Key Stage 4 currently access accreditation and qualifications in


• AQA Entry Level English

• AQA Entry Level mathematics

• AQA Entry Level science

• Ascentis Entry Level art


Sixth form pupils can currently study the above qualifications where they need more time to complete course work and additionally, study the following accreditation and qualifications


• ASDAN Towards Independence

• ASDAN Bronze Award

• ASDAN Silver Award

• ASDAN Gold Award

• Duke of Edinburgh Award at Bronze and Silver levels.

• ASDAN Short course Mathematics

• ASDAN Short course English

• ASDAN Short course Adventure and Residential Experience

• Ascentis Entry Level Art


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